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Our Publishing Program is designed to offer comprehensive publishing on a budget that you control.

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Basic Program
Nonexclusive Contract   check
Author Support: Through writing process and marketing advice. $500.00 check
Edit for: Spelling/Grammar/Consistency/Repetition $150.00  
Edit for: Consistency/Repetition/Flow $150.00  
Edit for: Approach/Tone/Organization/Structure $150.00  
Edit for: Clarity/Completeness/Biased Language $150.00  
Ghost Writing  $3,000. per 100 Pages (100 page minimum)    
Manuscript Re-Write of Authors Work. $10.00 per page    
Choice of Page Size 5x5/6x9/7x10/8.5x11   check
Perfect Binding check
Interior Formatting $195.00 check
Table Of Contents $50.00 check
Glossary $125.00  
Index $125.00  
Text Proof $75.00 check
Book Cover Design $225.00 check
ISBN Number $75.00 check
Book Cover Proof $75.00 check
Pre-Production $125.00 check
Printer  Support $200.00 check
Book Included on our Site to send book sales to you. $75.00 check
Per Book Printing Charge (Minimum 100) Custom Quote
Shrink Wrap  Per-Single $.20/Per-Set $.30    
Six Book Reviews $150.00 check
Web Site $325.00  
Books-In-Print Listing $25.00  
Google Books Set Up $75.00  
Graphic Fees            Per Graphic    $15.00    
24/7 Call Center Set-Up $75.00  
Hardcover Edition            $3.00 Per Book    
Shipping Finished Books (UPS) $75.00  
Rush Service $299.00  
Web Site Shopping Cart $150.00 Set Up $75.00  
Total $  


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