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Book Review Service
Why do I need book reviews?

Many readers rely on reviews. Therefore, authors and publishers need reviews to help sell books. The two major reasons readers rely on reviews are, the price of books and the limited time people have to read.
Where should my reviews appear

Your reviews should appear where your readers will see them. If your book deals with the dangers of allergies as they relate to feather pillows, readers looking for books about climbing walls are not your customer. Your reviews must appear where climbing enthusiasts will see them. If your think your readers rely on for their reviews, that's where your reviews should appear.
How many reviews can I get?

Subject matter has a great deal to do with the number of potential reviewers. In addition, some subjects have more willing reviewers than others.
How soon will start to see reviews?

We have seen reviews posted in less than 10 days.

What books can be reviewed?

Hard, perfect, spiral, comb, stitched or stapled binding books.
All subjects are accepted as long as they do not involve or promote illegal activities.
Book dimensions must not exceed 8.5" x 11" x 3" outside measurement.
How much does it cost?

3 Copies of the book to be reviewed
Ship books to:
Pale Horse Publishing
Attn: Miss Iris, Review Editor
POB 1447
Livingston, TX 77351-0026